“Did you know, LGBT+ young people are TWICE as likely to contemplate suicide?”

-Just Like Us

Tuesdays 5.30-7.30pm at YMCA Swansea

GoodVibes is an inclusive LGBTQ+ youth group, that supports young people between the ages of 11-25. It provides a safe space that reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation. Young people can build peer friendships within a community so that they belong, contribute, and thrive. It is a group where young people can be surrounded by likeminded individuals in an environment that promotes respecting other people’s choices, citizenship, and cultural identity. It provides young people with the confidence to explore their own identity around people that really understand and care.

GoodVibes operates on the foundation of strong values of inclusivity and diversity. Young people can come to GoodVibes without fear of judgment, harassment, bullying or discrimination and social pre-conceived norms.  They can be 100% themselves and have a safe space to explore their identity. It is a group where young people can come and introduce themselves, their names, preferred names, pronouns, and favourite things. And what they receive from each other, and youth workers is acceptance, without question.

GoodVibes equips young people with the understanding and skills to enable them to exercise their rights by teaching and supporting them to learn about their rights and to be proud of who they are; to foster confidence and self-esteem. Young people that attend describe it as their safe place, their family away from home. Many young people rely on the group as being central to their lives and identity.

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