Detached Youth Work

YMCA Swansea deploys trained and qualified Youth Workers onto the streets of Swansea to support children and young people in areas they socialise.  We use a multi-agency approach, working alongside City and County of Swansea Evolve Youth Workers and other specialist youth organisations to provide informal and social education opportunities, that addresses whatever needs are presented.

As Detached Youth Workers there is no physical building and the relationship between young people and the youth workers are entirely voluntary as the engagement takes place on young people’s own territory. YMCA Swansea and partner agencies build relationships with young people aiming to inform them of services and to encourage them to use them.

YMCA Swansea also seeks to identify, through consultation with young people, any gaps that exist in services aimed at meeting their needs.

Violence Protection Unit

This project will continue to use our already developed relationships with external organisations, local young people and the neighbourhood policing team to develop a programme of activities aimed at reducing the risks of young people becoming involved in serious violence, gang crime and criminal exploitation. Programmes including detached youth work, clubs, training and youth work have been run in Swansea and Carmarthenshire over the last 4 years and we continue to work closely with young people and the community to further develop this work.

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