Fitness Centre

What makes a fitness centre special? What makes a gym unique? The answer is not the latest high-tech gadgets (although they undoubtedly look good). Our answer is people. You, our members, our staff. Our community focussed fitness centre is the heartbeat of the building and typifies everything that YMCA Swansea does.

We offer a warm welcome to everyone- from the new membership enquiry right through to the experience of regularly working with our in-house fitness instructors for free. Our membership packages are priced at a sensible level too and if a contract is not right for you, we can work with that as well. We also work with a number of other partners to offer access to a safe exercise space to as many as possible. We don’t judge and we don’t discriminate.

We offer a space where like minded people from all sections of society can enjoy the benefits of exercise whenever they want it, where we can support each other and where everyone can achieve their goals.

Our membership rates currently start from £9.99 per month (£4 per day). A free trial is available- simply pop in and have a chat with the team.

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