Peer Action Collective

The Peer Action Collective (P.A.C) is an exciting research project which will engage, inspire and motivate young people into discussions about society and the communities in which they live, to address topical issues, particularly relating to youth violence and the youth justice system, as well as other Issues and challenges Important to young people. The research Is going to be presented and championed to find solutions to make the necessary changes within the communities. Twelve peer researchers (aged 16 to 25) and a project coordinator have been hired from across Wales, in a joint partnership between Children and Young People, Media Academy Cymru, YMCA Swansea, the Co-op and the Youth Endowment Fund.  This project is a part of a wider £5.2 million programme taking place across England and Wales.

A peer researcher is someone who has had similar experiences of something to the people they are ‘researching’- this could be based on the place they live or the services they have used/are using.  Skilled peer researchers are able to build trust with their respondents based on shared experiences. Peer research aims to reveal authentic insights into people’s lives and experiences, which non-peer ‘academic’ researchers would struggle to gain. It is about research being done with people rather than to them. As part of the project, the peer researchers will receive training to help them become the best type of peer researchers they can be!

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